From the CEO

We have a company that is facilitating and accelerating online vehicle trading by assuring secure settlement.

In order to do this we have partnered with financial industry leaders and outstanding vehicle exporters which help make Blue Gate the respected and trusted escrow company that it is today.

With the rapid demand and growth of online purchasing and selling of vehicles, it is imperative that everything is done to mitigate the many risks associated with international trade. Despite the fact that the environment for international trade has changed substantially over the years, the payment risks importers and exporters face remain essentially the same.

Traditional trade payment methods (Line of Credit, Open Accounts, etc.) haven’t changed to meet the demands of today’s fast-paced internet-based global economy. To meet demand, businesses need a more secure, easy-to-use, more efficient and less costly payment method.

Blue Gate is pushing beyond being a service. We are a partner to exporters and purchasers looking for certainty and success in trading online.

Nigel Grindall
CEO, Blue Gate